What is Henna?

Henna is a small flowering plant with leaves that are dried and formed into a powder. The powder is then mixed with tea or water to create a paste which is then able to be applied to the skin or hair to result in a temporary tattoo. 


History of Henna

Henna has been around for many centuries as a way to temporarily dye the skin for cosmetic purposes and to color the hair. At first, henna was smeared on to individuals and did not create the intricate designs made today.   

The Henna Process/Care for your Henna

There are many steps needed to properly apply henna to an individual. After the henna paste is created, the henna artist transfers the paste to a narrow piping bag. The henna is then applied depending on the design. After drying, the cotton ball with lemon juice should be applied to the henna tattoo. The color that will result depends on the time the henna is kept on the skin: the longer you keep it on, the darker the color will be. After removing, the henna tattoo will remain for 7-14 days depending on personal skin and daily lifestyles.